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Human capital development

The energy industry is a dynamic space where some of the brightest and most innovative people come to do challenging work that makes a difference. Our companies’ approximately 20,000 employees power the lives of nearly 40 million consumers in California, Texas and Mexico.

In line with our dedication to fostering a high-performance culture, Sempra is committed to continuous learning and improvement. An example of this dedication is our biannual Employee Engagement Survey. The most recent survey launched in August 2021, and intended to evaluate employees’ experience and overall satisfaction at work, including their needs, sense of well-being and belonging and more.

In 2021, employee engagement at the Sempra companies was at a company historical high of 87%1 since we began to track engagement over 10 years ago, while the supervisor effectiveness index was 82% - both higher than U.S. averages. Sempra’s results demonstrate significant growth and improvement across many of the areas surveyed and align with our goal to achieve company-wide employee engagement survey scores in the top quartile. Specific improvements include responses to the following questions:

Despite these areas of notable improvements, we still have work to do in demonstrating to our employees that the employee engagement survey leads to positive change that will improve the business and their overall employee experience. While results have improved since 2019, responses to the following questions reveal that we can do a better job of showing actionable change:

Oncor has partnered with workplace survey firm Gallup to conduct a company-wide employee engagement assessment, with the initial survey completed in November 2021. Results from the initial survey will be used to develop an action plan focused on facilitating a company-wide engagement conversation, advancing innovations and processes and strengthening relationships — all of which also are expected to serve to improve business outcomes and employee retention.

Advancing our high-performance culture and creating intentional and targeted positive change from these surveys requires leaders from across the company to create concrete action plans and work with their teams to communicate progress on an ongoing basis. Our goal is for every employee to feel valued, respected and enabled to reach their full potential.

Supporting employees through COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted how we think, live and work. Through it all, our employees have demonstrated unwavering resiliency, innovating and adapting to maintain our high-performance culture. Since the onset of the pandemic, employees who can perform their job duties remotely, including those in corporate and administrative functions, have been working from home. For our field employees, who represent the majority of our workforce, comprehensive protocols and procedures were put in place to help maintain their health and safety as they have continued to help us deliver power for essential services, such as to hospitals, medical research centers and manufacturing plants, and support millions of people who have worked, studied or cared for their families from home.

As we look ahead, we are building on lessons learned from our time away from the office to reimagine our workplace using a new hybrid model. This approach enables employees to work both onsite and remotely, which we expect to support work-life balance. Safety is a priority and this hybrid model allows us to keep our employees physically safer because of the reduced workforce onsite on any given day. It also lends itself to greater psychological safety, reduced stress, greater flexibility and enhanced engagement and interaction. In addition, our reimagined workplace advances our culture of diversity and inclusion, keeping employees better connected to our mission, by reminding them of the diverse mosaic of our workforce and by re-energizing them as they see and experience first-hand our values — do the right thing, champion people and shape the future — in action.

For an overview of Sempra’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please see Social.

Our goal is for every employee to feel valued, respected and enabled to reach their full potential.

Talent development pipeline

  • Acquiring
    We strive to be a leader in acquiring a diverse, world-class talent pool to lead the organization into the future and to help ensure that Sempra’s people continue to be its greatest asset. We do this through a multi-faceted approach that includes but is not limited to the use of a technology tool that helps us identify highly qualified candidates by distributing jobs to our diverse job site network, inclusive of veteran, women, Hispanic, African American, Asian, differently abled and LGBTQ job candidates. This tool supports Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs recruiting needs and compliance efforts. We also utilize a writing analysis application that uses AI to identify gender bias in job postings. Once a wide net has been cast and a large, diverse pool of candidates are identified, we deploy interviewing strategies that also support the hiring of diverse, top-tier talent.
  • Developing

    We work to create success by providing opportunities and resources to expand employees’ knowledge and skills while promoting an environment that supports individual and organizational success.

    The company offers a leadership development framework with paths available for emerging, moderately experienced and seasoned leaders. The framework includes path-specific coursework, suggested readings, assessments and a situation interview-based competency exam. We also encourage employees to play an active role in their career development. Opportunities include:

    • Creating a career development plan that includes short and long-term goals and discussing this plan with their manager. If desired, employees may meet with an organizational development coach to get additional guidance on their career path.
    • Keeping their career accomplishments and interests up to date on the company intranet so they can be matched with available opportunities as they arise.
    • Exploring online or in-person training opportunities to strengthen their skills in areas critical to the company’s continued success, including leading change, inspiring trust, building talent, acting strategically and exercising good judgment.

    As part of our commitment to support employees’ continuous learning, in early 2022 we launched Sempra University to help accelerate career development, set employees up for success and increase critical understanding of the energy industry and Sempra’s role as a leader in the energy transition.

    Additionally, we encourage employees to pursue educational opportunities outside of work; our professional development assistance program provides up to $5,2503 per year to cover the educational expenses of employees working toward a work-related degree or certificate. In 2021, Sempra contributed approximately $2.7 million to support the more than 900 employees who participated in this program.

  • Motivating
    We foster an environment where quality leadership, clear organizational and individual goals and performance-based rewards support employees in their efforts to perform to the best of their capabilities and in the best interests of Sempra.
  • Retaining
    We believe that retention starts with the right fit between the individual, the job and the company. It continues with solid reward programs, career challenges and strong leadership to make Sempra a great place to work.
  • Transitioning
    We promote an agile workforce by supporting organizational changes and career transitions effectively, efficiently and with respect. We encourage employees to seek new challenges within the Sempra family of companies and we train employees to help them develop the skills to meet the needs of our changing industry. We also offer entry-level financial, IT and engineering rotational programs to show employees how they might apply their skills in different areas of the company.

Psychological and emotional well-being

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Sempra and our operating companies have made the mental and emotional health of employees a priority. All employees have access to an employee assistance program (EAP) — a comprehensive, professional and confidential service that offers a wide range of resources to meet the diverse needs of all our employees and their eligible dependents. Our EAP includes access to licensed counselors and specialists who can support everyday complexities as well as more challenging issues. Many services are provided at no cost.

Sempra’s employee assistance program helps employees who need support with:

  • Substance abuse
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Financial issues
  • Legal issues
  • Coping with change
  • Bereavement or grief
  • Low self-esteem
  • Isolation
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Dependent/elder care
  • Mindfulness
  • Sleep

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, in 2021 we deployed a survey on mental and emotional well-being to check in with our employees, many of whom were still working entirely from home. As a result of this survey, we reviewed our EAP and identified ways in which we can provide an even better experience and greater support to meet the needs of our growing and diverse workforce. A new EAP was launched in March of 2022.

In 2021 we also launched a new pet program for employees. The program includes pet insurance, discounts on products and services and resources for pet owners.

  1. This engagement score is an average of the favorable scores for the four questions that make up the engagement index: 1.Overall, I am satisfied with this company as a place to work: 2.I would gladly refer a good friend or family member to this company for employment; 3.I am proud to work for this company; and 4.I rarely think about looking for a new job with another company.
  2. Please see Reporting Boundary under About this Report.
  3. For IEnova in 2021 the amount was up to $5,000.

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