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2021 Corporate Sustainability Report


Sempra’s demonstrated history of delivering long-term sustainable value to our shareholders and other stakeholders begins with our foundation of sound corporate governance and oversight by our board of directors. Led by Sempra’s chairman and CEO and a strong lead independent director role, our board brings together diverse perspectives and a broad range of relevant skills and industry experience.

High standards of integrity, ethics and values drive everything we do at Sempra. Our governance processes sit within a robust ecosystem that is strengthened by our stakeholder commitment, shared accountability in achieving our strategic priorities and culture of continuous improvement.

Sempra’s chief sustainability officer serves as the link between the SST committee of Sempra’s board of directors and the sustainability function and helps implement our sustainability vision. Our corporate sustainability steering committee, which includes officers from across our business, helps ensure that Sempra’s sustainability narrative and goals are consistent with operational priorities, challenges and opportunities. Sempra’s corporate sustainability department works to implement our sustainability strategy and reporting, communications, data collection and responses to surveys, ratings and rankings.

At our operating companies1, sustainability committees consisting of officers and directors work to align their ESG priorities with Sempra’s sustainability strategy.

  1. Excluding Oncor.

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